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I Promised Myself - jax-femmes
Rants from the every-day lesbian
I Promised Myself

I promised myslef that I wouldn't voice my political views here.  Well, I changed my mind.  I have always voted.  I have always been informed, but, I have never taken the elections very seriously.  This year it is different.  We have hundreds of our people dieing for us, and we as citizens should know why.  This year, I have made an effort not to watch the news, read the papers, or anything else that has to do with the election.  I think that all they do is "spin" what the candidates are saying and doing to suite their own opinions.  I find it offensive.  I CAN HEAR and THINK for myself.  I am paying great attention to the debates.  I want to form my opinion from what I am seeing and hearing.  This is what my opinion is thus far...

Bush:  In this last debate he came accross to me as a whining sniveling little brat.  He was asked numerous times what his plan to get us out of Iraq safely was, and the only thing he could come up with was, " Well, it's hard work."  What is that?  Of course it is, you moron.  If it was easy, YOU would be over there.  He resorts to name calling.  He calls Kerry a "flip-flopper".  Okay..And???  Seems to me that when the information and the circumstances change, sometimes your opinion may change too.  I could care less what Kerry did or said during Vietnam.  He was a kid, and this is NOT Vietnam.  The way I see it, and this is only MY opinion...is that Bush simply wants to show the world how big his dick is.  And this kind of scares me.  Our people are getting killed for his ego?  While we are over there in Iraq, North Korea is continuing to build nuclear weapons.  And, there is a genecide going on.  Lets see...nuclear weapons?  Your pride?  Which one is more important?  Going after a tyrant that is killing his own people and his people don't want our help?  Going after a Comunist country that is building MORE nuclear weapons?  Which is more important?  And once and for all...HEY BUSH!!!!  Sadam did not attack us!!!!!!!  When is he going to get that straight?  He has made Iraq a welcome place for all terrorists.  How did this help?  He went into Iraq with one goal in mind.  To kill Sadam.  He gave no thought as to what we were going to do after we got him.  He is using our fear of terrorism against us.  I am sooo sick of hearing that we went to war with Iraq in retaliation to 911.  How dumb is that?  Why not go after Pakistan, or Afganistan?  Isn't that were BinLaden was hangin out?  Bush..you fucked up!!  Now, admit it, and come up with a way to get us out of this shit!!!  Bush says he has no interest in making new allies.  Huh????  Our military is spread too thin as it is.  Nobody is inlisting.  What is he going to do?  Reinstate the draft?  If you make new allies, maybe they will send in some troops to help us out...DUHHHHH  Hey Bush!!  You honest believe in what you are saying.  You believe that your was is the only way.  You believe you know how to win this war.  You believe that you are doing the right thing by the American people.  You believe your own lies.  THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM TRUE!!!!

Kerry:  Fineally!!!  Someone that can some what stand up to that egomaniac. I felt that Kerry at least has some sort of plan to get us out of this crap.  Weather his plan will work or not, is another issue.  But, I feel that he will take advice and not ignore different opinions.  I feel that he came to the debate well informed and ready.  He knows the facts, and is not afraid to call Bush out. 

I'm getting tired of writing now...LOL  I will finish my opinion of Kerry in the next post.  And, believe it or not, I still have not decided who I will be voting for yet.  Friday's debate should be very interesting.  I am anxious to hear what these guys have planned here at home.

Please excuse any spelling errors..don't have time for spell check..

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