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Rants from the every-day lesbian

You Have High Sex Self-Esteem!

You know you got skills and you're not afraid to use them.

Sometimes things get a little out of hand, but you don't get cocky...

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Lick Me

Okay. Now, I have to go ahead and apologize to you if what I am getting ready to say is offensive. But, then again, you see that little X in the top, left corner of your screen? HIT IT!! Let my man hating session begin.......
I'll start with Adam, since he was the first one. Well, the way I see it, God created Adam, and took one look at him, and said,"Shit! I fucked up! I can do soooo much better. But, I'll make this one much smarter. This one will smart enough to kill him off". And, so , Eve was created. It took her a while to get rid of him, though. But, not before she figured she should reproduce first. Afterward, she got to thinking, and came to the conclusion that if Adam wanted pussy bad enough to die for it, hey...Maybe she should try it. And, so, a lesbian was born. Men have been trying to get their revenge ever since.
First, they keep us home cooking, cleaning, and raising their snotty nosed kids. Then, they tell us that we are subservient. They tell us we're fat.(But, only after we bare their children) We diet. They tell us our tits aren't big enough. We get surgery. They tell us we're ugly. We wear make-up. They tell us we're weak. (again, after squeezing a human out of an opening that isn't even close to being big enough.) We show our strength by putting up with their shit. And, we believed this shit? We did. We have all been guilty of it. They invent this torture devise we now call a "bra". Then, they took it a step farther. They came up with high heels. And, now how bout the thong? You don't even wanna get me started on that. I'm all for looking good, but, come on. I spend a good 40% of my free time digging my draws out of my fat ass. You really think I wanna put them there on purpose? What the fuck is that all about? But, in all reality, why do they do these things. It all about fear.
They keep us as trophies. Well, be careful of what you ask for. Your biggest fear has come true. What were they trying to gain from all this? Well, like the biggest Moron of all said not too long ago, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". All you did, was make us better for other women. After all this time listening to your self=righteous, egotistical asses, and keeping our mouths shut, we have realized that we don't need you. What part of the word "lesbian" is too intellectually taxing for you to grasp?
So, don't hate us. You created us. I guess you could call me a sexist. I believe we should all stick with our own sex. The world would be a much better place. The best advice I can give to men everywhere is just to get the fuck out of our way.

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I have been chatting in a few chat rooms lately. I have been making a few new friends.  Even finding some stalkers.  LOL  Anyway, I got these from a couple of friends.  Please don't take them without asking them for permision.  And for all you stalkers out there, don't contact them for any other reason.  This is not a dating service.

From FemmNcharge@aol.com


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2 Licks or Lick Me

I promised myslef that I wouldn't voice my political views here.  Well, I changed my mind.  I have always voted.  I have always been informed, but, I have never taken the elections very seriously.  This year it is different.  We have hundreds of our people dieing for us, and we as citizens should know why.  This year, I have made an effort not to watch the news, read the papers, or anything else that has to do with the election.  I think that all they do is "spin" what the candidates are saying and doing to suite their own opinions.  I find it offensive.  I CAN HEAR and THINK for myself.  I am paying great attention to the debates.  I want to form my opinion from what I am seeing and hearing.  This is what my opinion is thus far...

Bush:  In this last debate he came accross to me as a whining sniveling little brat.  He was asked numerous times what his plan to get us out of Iraq safely was, and the only thing he could come up with was, " Well, it's hard work."  What is that?  Of course it is, you moron.  If it was easy, YOU would be over there.  He resorts to name calling.  He calls Kerry a "flip-flopper".  Okay..And???  Seems to me that when the information and the circumstances change, sometimes your opinion may change too.  I could care less what Kerry did or said during Vietnam.  He was a kid, and this is NOT Vietnam.  The way I see it, and this is only MY opinion...is that Bush simply wants to show the world how big his dick is.  And this kind of scares me.  Our people are getting killed for his ego?  While we are over there in Iraq, North Korea is continuing to build nuclear weapons.  And, there is a genecide going on.  Lets see...nuclear weapons?  Your pride?  Which one is more important?  Going after a tyrant that is killing his own people and his people don't want our help?  Going after a Comunist country that is building MORE nuclear weapons?  Which is more important?  And once and for all...HEY BUSH!!!!  Sadam did not attack us!!!!!!!  When is he going to get that straight?  He has made Iraq a welcome place for all terrorists.  How did this help?  He went into Iraq with one goal in mind.  To kill Sadam.  He gave no thought as to what we were going to do after we got him.  He is using our fear of terrorism against us.  I am sooo sick of hearing that we went to war with Iraq in retaliation to 911.  How dumb is that?  Why not go after Pakistan, or Afganistan?  Isn't that were BinLaden was hangin out?  Bush..you fucked up!!  Now, admit it, and come up with a way to get us out of this shit!!!  Bush says he has no interest in making new allies.  Huh????  Our military is spread too thin as it is.  Nobody is inlisting.  What is he going to do?  Reinstate the draft?  If you make new allies, maybe they will send in some troops to help us out...DUHHHHH  Hey Bush!!  You honest believe in what you are saying.  You believe that your was is the only way.  You believe you know how to win this war.  You believe that you are doing the right thing by the American people.  You believe your own lies.  THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM TRUE!!!!

Kerry:  Fineally!!!  Someone that can some what stand up to that egomaniac. I felt that Kerry at least has some sort of plan to get us out of this crap.  Weather his plan will work or not, is another issue.  But, I feel that he will take advice and not ignore different opinions.  I feel that he came to the debate well informed and ready.  He knows the facts, and is not afraid to call Bush out. 

I'm getting tired of writing now...LOL  I will finish my opinion of Kerry in the next post.  And, believe it or not, I still have not decided who I will be voting for yet.  Friday's debate should be very interesting.  I am anxious to hear what these guys have planned here at home.

Please excuse any spelling errors..don't have time for spell check..

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Lick Me

We have to know how important it is to vote.  Get out there, and make yourself heard!!!

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Please take the poll on my journal page!!!


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This Time

(Tracy Chapman)

This time
I won't show I'm vournerable
This time
I won't give in first
This time
I will hold out with my love
This time
I will not be hurt
Gonna love myself more than anyone else
Gonna treat me right
Gonna make you say that you love me first
You'll be the one with the most to lose tonite
This time

This time
Won't let my emotions rule my life
This time
Gonna keep my love locked safe inside
This time
I'm gonna be my own best friend
This time
I'm gonna be the one

To win your love
Your affection
To kide my fear
Of rejection
This time

This time

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Lick Me

             1 0 Questions Most Commonly Asked of
     Lesbians and the Answers You`ll never Hear..

1. What exactly, do two women do together? (Usually asked by a   
A. It takes too long to explain. A lesbian quickie lasts hours. We
   lay there and discuss politics until we figure it out. But if you
   like I`ll show you. How about this evening at six?

2. Which one of you is the man? (Usually asked by a man)
A. We`re lesbian, not confused. Look it up!

3. What do your parents think about it?
A. They weren`t exactly tickled lavender

4. Do you face any discrimination because you`re -- "that way"?
A. None. The lesbian movement is a bodily function that involves
   the expulsion of our reproductive organs

5. Why are you a lesbian?
A. Let me show you a picture of my girlfriend

6. Did anything in your childhood affect your choice?
A. Definitely. There was a cute little redhead in my nursery school
   that I used to take naps with...

7. Why do you have to tell everyone?
A. I have a P.C. quota to meet

8. Is one of you "butch" and the other "femme"?
A. Yes, but we trade off every time we roll over

9. Do you plan to have children?
A. We`re trying! (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know what I mean, know  
   what I mean!)

10. But wouldn`t you want your children to be straight?
A. And miss the opportunity to be interrogated by the next
   generation of psych majors?

* Courtesy of Chris Lanter and the Gay & Lesbian Student`s Union

Joke For The Day

One day this hippie gets on a bus full of nuns. He sits down next to this one nun and hits on her. She slaps him and moves to the back of the bus. The hippie went and explained what happened to the bus driver.

Bus Driver: I happen to know that that certian nun gets off the bus every night at 7 o'clock at the cemetary.

Hippie: How is that going to help me get with her?

Bus Driver: Well, you could wait there for her disguised as God.When she gets off of the bus, command her to have sex with you.

Hippie: Good idea. So that night the hippie waited at the cemetary. At 7 o'clock the nun got off the bus.

Hippie: This is God. I command you to have sex with me.

Nun: Alright, but can you do me up the ass so I will still be a virgin? The hippie agreed and when he was finished he took off his disguise.

Hippie: Ha ha, I'm the hippie!

Nun: Ha ha, I'm the bus driver!

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Lick Me

My Life In A Nut Shell

Is it change that has recently opened my eyes?
Or has all of my past been just well meaning lies...
To my family and friends, to God and to me.
Was I kidding myself when I thought I could see
Who I was, while so lost under all of the thoughts
And opinions of those who at that time I sought
To impress and to please...I was down on my knees
Begging please let there be someone out there who sees
That I’m lost...that I’m drifting
That I’m hopelessly sifting
Through these standards and bars...impossibly lifting
Just beyond my reach...though I was trying my best
To be what was expected of all of the rest...
Christian, and girl...a sweet little pearl
Stuck in a shell far away from the world.
I opened my mouth, and out came your thoughts
Out came the arguments I had easily bought
Because I was supposed to, because they were right
Because I’d been raised to abandon my sight
And accept things with eyes you had programmed at birth
You labeled people, and I questioned their worth.
I questioned their lifestyle, said I didn’t agree...
I know now those words were not coming from me.
How do I know these new thoughts are no trend?
Because I see now that I am one of them...
I am different, I’m not you, I am special and rare.
Don’t tell me what should be, because I don’t care.
I’ll never again be ashamed of myself
I have my integrity, and that is true wealth.
I’m still down, I’m still out, but at least now I know
Who I am...and I’m sure that this time it’ll show
In my eyes. They will glisten with strength and with rage
Towards anyone trying to put me in a cage.
I don’t care about gender, I love with my heart.
Accept it or leave me alone in the dark.

Thank you,


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