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I got this from a friend's LJ - jax-femmes
Rants from the every-day lesbian
I got this from a friend's LJ

My Life In A Nut Shell

Is it change that has recently opened my eyes?
Or has all of my past been just well meaning lies...
To my family and friends, to God and to me.
Was I kidding myself when I thought I could see
Who I was, while so lost under all of the thoughts
And opinions of those who at that time I sought
To impress and to please...I was down on my knees
Begging please let there be someone out there who sees
That I’m lost...that I’m drifting
That I’m hopelessly sifting
Through these standards and bars...impossibly lifting
Just beyond my reach...though I was trying my best
To be what was expected of all of the rest...
Christian, and girl...a sweet little pearl
Stuck in a shell far away from the world.
I opened my mouth, and out came your thoughts
Out came the arguments I had easily bought
Because I was supposed to, because they were right
Because I’d been raised to abandon my sight
And accept things with eyes you had programmed at birth
You labeled people, and I questioned their worth.
I questioned their lifestyle, said I didn’t agree...
I know now those words were not coming from me.
How do I know these new thoughts are no trend?
Because I see now that I am one of them...
I am different, I’m not you, I am special and rare.
Don’t tell me what should be, because I don’t care.
I’ll never again be ashamed of myself
I have my integrity, and that is true wealth.
I’m still down, I’m still out, but at least now I know
Who I am...and I’m sure that this time it’ll show
In my eyes. They will glisten with strength and with rage
Towards anyone trying to put me in a cage.
I don’t care about gender, I love with my heart.
Accept it or leave me alone in the dark.

Thank you,


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