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The Birth Of A Lesbian - jax-femmes
Rants from the every-day lesbian
The Birth Of A Lesbian

Okay. Now, I have to go ahead and apologize to you if what I am getting ready to say is offensive. But, then again, you see that little X in the top, left corner of your screen? HIT IT!! Let my man hating session begin.......
I'll start with Adam, since he was the first one. Well, the way I see it, God created Adam, and took one look at him, and said,"Shit! I fucked up! I can do soooo much better. But, I'll make this one much smarter. This one will smart enough to kill him off". And, so , Eve was created. It took her a while to get rid of him, though. But, not before she figured she should reproduce first. Afterward, she got to thinking, and came to the conclusion that if Adam wanted pussy bad enough to die for it, hey...Maybe she should try it. And, so, a lesbian was born. Men have been trying to get their revenge ever since.
First, they keep us home cooking, cleaning, and raising their snotty nosed kids. Then, they tell us that we are subservient. They tell us we're fat.(But, only after we bare their children) We diet. They tell us our tits aren't big enough. We get surgery. They tell us we're ugly. We wear make-up. They tell us we're weak. (again, after squeezing a human out of an opening that isn't even close to being big enough.) We show our strength by putting up with their shit. And, we believed this shit? We did. We have all been guilty of it. They invent this torture devise we now call a "bra". Then, they took it a step farther. They came up with high heels. And, now how bout the thong? You don't even wanna get me started on that. I'm all for looking good, but, come on. I spend a good 40% of my free time digging my draws out of my fat ass. You really think I wanna put them there on purpose? What the fuck is that all about? But, in all reality, why do they do these things. It all about fear.
They keep us as trophies. Well, be careful of what you ask for. Your biggest fear has come true. What were they trying to gain from all this? Well, like the biggest Moron of all said not too long ago, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". All you did, was make us better for other women. After all this time listening to your self=righteous, egotistical asses, and keeping our mouths shut, we have realized that we don't need you. What part of the word "lesbian" is too intellectually taxing for you to grasp?
So, don't hate us. You created us. I guess you could call me a sexist. I believe we should all stick with our own sex. The world would be a much better place. The best advice I can give to men everywhere is just to get the fuck out of our way.

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